About Us

Board of Directors:

Operating since 1966 at our present location, we are a licensed, non-profit society. Our school is administered and managed by an elected Board of Directors, composed of parents of current students. These positions are voted on at the beginning of each school year and are strictly unpaid volunteer positions. Additionally, parents who do not hold board positions are encouraged to volunteer as needed for various tasks such as substituting, baking, picking up books, driving for field trips and assisting with other activities throughout the school year.

Current Board Members for the 2017-2018 School Year:

President – Nassim Adhami

Vice President – Jennie Bert

Secretary – Sarah Van Snellenberg

Treasurer – Ingrid Dueck

Registration – Nazy Alborz

Fundraiser – Janine Jones

AM Class Representative – Milena Novotny

PM Class Representative – Jennie Bert