About Us

Our Curriculum:

The four seasons are a general guideline for our themes, but as we incorporate Reggio Emilia approaches into our practice, our curriculum becomes quite flexible from year to year. Detailed projects and themes are generated from group discussions, anecdotes and interests that the children bring to class. Both classes traditionally put on holiday presentation parties and participate in a sports day to encourage good sportsmanship. In addition, the four-year-old class can expect field trips and a graduation.

Our everyday activities include circle time, story time, and snack time. Circle time is our focused group time. Children learn how to start conversations, respect the ideas of others, cooperate, share, and take turns. They learn new concepts and social games. Everyday a different storybook is part of our circle time. During the story, new words are introduced in specific contexts. The more a child is exposed to the way written language works, the easier it will be for that child to read on her own.

Snack time usually consists of fruit and crackers. We encourage children to try and learn about different fruits (with respect to allergies). Snack time is a focused activity where children sit together and learn to pour their own water from a small pitcher and practice taking turns.

The following is a list of concepts, which are integral to our curriculum;
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